How Can You Prep Your Home For A Sale? Choosing A Realtor And The Next Steps

Do you want to sell your home soon? From hiring the right realtor to staging your space, you have a list of sales-related activities you need to check off your must-do list. If you're almost ready to list your property, take a look at the simple steps that can help you to prepare. 

Find a Real Estate Agent

Home sales is an involved process that requires a knowledgeable professional. A for sale sign in your front yard won't get the job done efficiently or effectively. Not only do you want to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time (or as quickly as possible), you also want to make money. An agent can help you through this process—including pricing, listing, marketing, and negotiating your home sale.

To find the best agent to meet your sales needs, talk to friends, family members, co-workers, or other people you know locally. Look for referrals from homeowners who have recently sold property that is equivalent to yours (in area, size, and price). A referral for an agent who sold your best friend's one-bedroom thirtieth-floor city-side condo may not help with your suburban four-bedroom single-family home sale. 

After getting a few different referrals, you will need to interview agents. This is when you should discuss pricing, marketing, and negotiation tactics. If you don't feel comfortable with the agent's style, opinions, or willingness to work towards your sales goals, keep searching. But if the agent feels right to you, has knowledge of the area/type of home, and comes with top-notch references, you're ready to take the next step.

Listen To Your Real Estate Agent

There's a reason to hire a professional realtor. Your agent has the knowledge and experience necessary to sell your home. This means they know more than you do about home sales. The agent knows what works (and what doesn't) to attract potential buyers and get a fair price for your property. 

Even though you may have ideas about price, staging, or selling in general, listen to your agent. While this isn't always easy to do, the pro can walk you through the sales process and help you every step of the way. 

With an agent taking the lead, you'll have time to enjoy selling (and possibly buying) a home. Instead of learning about staging and figuring out how to make your home more marketable, you can sit back, relax, and let your agent do the work. When the agent makes suggestions, such as repainting your purple walls a neutral shade of ivory or removing your child's drawings from the fridge, follow their lead and trust their expertise. To learn more information about prepping your home, reach out to a company such as Spencer Real Estate 

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